Reviews for "Potion Panic"

It's easy

To make it easy buy more upgrades to make more money than the older one.

Not bad

It was fun and addicting, but it also gets old pretty fast.
a hint that worked for me, at the beginning i just used blue:1 red:1 yellow:1
This conserves a lot of the potions, so you don't waste money on those to quickly, and it lasted me to wave 11 (possibly longer, i got bored and stopped) and i was able to use all the money on quick upgrades instead of more potion


b33 r100 y100 :)


It is an exelant game. It is a little chalenging though. The best part of it is finding your favorite mix. Mine is b=10, r=10, and y=27. It could be better if there were more effects besides bombs, sludge, fire, and gas. Over all it is a great game, a little repetitive, addicting, classic styled, and fun! Keep it up!

I like it

and seems very well done, (PS) it's addictive