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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Hentai Rape"

this was so funny.

I had to watch this at least 10 times!! lmao!! I loved Goku's voice.

Keep it up!

If only more people could envision like you.

I gave you 10s to all categories not because of the quality of your work, but because of the message you are trying to send.

I come to Newgrounds to have fun, get a laugh, be entertained by parodies, and even play a few games. In other words, to have fun. Everyone has a different opinion of what is fun or not, but regardless of their ideals if something is legally or morally wrong then it should not be viewed by anyone ever. Specially in a place where kids can easily get to.

I saw the flash you mentioned a long time ago when it was posted under the category: Underdog (or something of the like.) Personally, I understand that people can appeal to this type of material, but I do not believe it belongs on Newgrounds. Newgrounds is a place for people to share their flash animations, music, and other types of work to the public. The only reason why the creator and monitors allow this type of work onto their website is because of ratings. The general public likes anything to do with sex, that is no mystery, and thus it brings in more viewers. It is simply and sadly something we just have to put up with.

But as for winning an award and for it to be glorified!? That is just outrageous. I am pleased you made this animation to educate the masses, but like most attempts at correcting the mistakes of humanity it will probably be in vain. So the only thing we can do is try to create things that don't follow under that category and try to move away from turning this website into a snuff site.

However your creation is exempted, because of what you are trying to do. If something this insulting happens again, i.e. someone winning an award for a snuff production, I would hope you would repeat yourself and try once again to make the public aware.

Thank you for caring.

notoriousm responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! Stuff like this should never happen, and i do what i can :)

Lacks skill

And that's the best part. I love how this is making fun of ridiculous videos similar to this. 10/10!


dude funny as shit dude i fucking pissed my pants i watched it like 15 times and still laughed XD

LOL WHAT THE FUCK? XD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!