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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Hentai Rape"


5/5 only for the gorillaz :D

lol wtf

lol pretty good and kinda funny nice for hand drawn


I remember watching this for the first time when it got underdog. For one reason or another, I failed to catch Zone getting fifth and about a week's wages in prize money. I read the flash intro to this and then watched the flash itself. After that, I watched TT Hentai Rape. My first impression about 30 seconds into it was: "I've seen flash depicting CONSENSUAL sex being deleted, and this is showing an underage girl being violently violated in EXPLICIT DETAIL. WUT" Needless to say, I gave it the 1 it deserved and moved on.

Fastforward to today.

I was looking at the toons menu and, lo and behold, is ANOTHER porn flash by zone depicting even more rape. Oh joy, it looks like nothing's changed. That, of course, reminded me of this and prompted me to write this.

All I can say is good work, and keep fighting the good fight.

Also, something interesting to the left of what i'm typing:

"Users who liked this also enjoyed:
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wtf >:[

Sick but not to

Explicit as hentai featured on newgrounds, i find this movie so hilaroius. I love the voice acting she sounds really strage, and look at the size of his penis. Although this does not feature, graphic sex its rape but its done in a funny way.


8/10 cause it was funny as hell.