Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"

I think I threw up salsa.

This makes me feel like I'm at a fiesta. Great job!

By the way, I haven't had Mexican food for a long time, so you really accomplished something. Hahaha.

Step responds:

Haha lol. I'm glad you like it, and good luck cleaning that salsa :O.

Thanks for the review!

I'm really feeling this.

This small song feels like it could be a lot longer. For being completely out your zone, you did a great job covering the feel and sound of latin music. The guitars are on spot and the "sax" section feels right. It actually makes me think a little less of it being one genre and maybe pushing into another, but that's just me.

Percussion is on spot, melodies are right where they should be, everything is in place. A very good job you've done on this track.


Step responds:

Thanks for the compliments. I'm particularly happy that you think the 'sax' section sounds good, it's by far the hardest part of the song which I worked on.

Glad you like it, and I appreciate the review :).

Nice Salsa!

Really catchy with the guitar and the piano combo! Probably why you got on week's top is because there aren't that many good salsa songs out there (that was a compliment btw).....

But great job.

Step responds:

Thanks man. I probably got #2 in the Top 5 since this song is under 'Latin' and since it's not a common genre, 0-bombers don't come and vote 0 on it, so I was lucky :P.

Thanks for reviewing!

I know what I'm about to say is lame, but...


Step responds:

Lol xD.

Thanks for reviewing!


Really good, it gives that extra mexican "spice" on the song that makes it even better.

Step responds:

Cool. Thanks!