Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"

W00T! Pure Cuture right there!

im mexican if u didnt know and that definitely brings back memories! good job!

Step responds:

Cool, in that case I'm glad I got a Mexican to feel nostalgic xD.

Thanks for the review!


nice to see someone I know in 2nd place. Good luck!

Step responds:

Don't know why you gave me the luck, but thanks for reviewing! :P.


Really good, it gives that extra mexican "spice" on the song that makes it even better.

Step responds:

Cool. Thanks!

Nicely done and congrats!

This is a very clean sounding song. Out of everything in the song, I really enjoy the quality of your mix (as weird as that sounds =P). I really love your instrument choice as well, plus the melodies involved. I'm sorry I got to your message late, I've been super busy with school lol=P

Great job on the top 5 btw!

- Isomatic

Step responds:

Hey man, long time no see! I can understand if you're busy with school, so am I >.>.

Glad you liked the instrumentation, despite how hard it was for me to do it. I'm surprised you like the mix, though. I can't mix if my life depended on it.

Thanks a lot for the review, really appreciate it!

Not salsa, but enjoyable anyways

Great song actually, sounds like a spanish-rock orchestral song. Sounds nothing like salsa I'm afraid, but I'm sure your dad will enjoy.

And BTW, you went in the opposit direction of salsa : you took your trumpet/trombone samples to make it sound like saxs, when actually trumpets and trombones are the brass used in salsa...

Anyways, I'm outof time to write anything else, hope you dad will love!

Samuel H├ębert

Step responds:

Yeah like I said, I know very little about salsa, especially about the trumpet/trombones being used in salsa.

Anyhow, I'm happy it works out despite it not sounding like salsa. Thanks for reviewing!