Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"


This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for blessing my ears with this gorgeous piece of art. I haven't heard anything quite as magnificent since my first visit to Newgrounds, which was quite a long time ago.

Step responds:

Wow, didn't expect such a supportive review xP. Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed it!


Truly, this deserves top 5 and more! The melody is amazing and, while short, does a great job of... Well, being awesome. I really can't pick a part out of this that I don't care for. It all flows together perfectly to my ears. Really, just great, makes me want to hear a lot more from you.

Step responds:

Thank you!

If you're in to this stuff then I'm afraid my other songs aren't anywhere like this one, with it being my first attempt and all :P.

But yeah, really glad you enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for the review!

Happy belated bday!!! Oh and awesome song :P!

Sweet! :D Definitely got me moving haha
Success at a new style, lets salsa nao!! :3

Step responds:

Teehee :D.



enough said, i love it!

Step responds:

Good :D. Thanks!


this song also kicks some serious @$$

Step responds:

Latin @SS, that is :D.

Thanks for the review!