Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"

Some of the best music ive ever heard.

simly outstanding,i love songs that are like this one.

Step responds:

OK, really glad you like it!

Nice Salsa!

Really catchy with the guitar and the piano combo! Probably why you got on week's top is because there aren't that many good salsa songs out there (that was a compliment btw).....

But great job.

Step responds:

Thanks man. I probably got #2 in the Top 5 since this song is under 'Latin' and since it's not a common genre, 0-bombers don't come and vote 0 on it, so I was lucky :P.

Thanks for reviewing!


nice to see someone I know in 2nd place. Good luck!

Step responds:

Don't know why you gave me the luck, but thanks for reviewing! :P.

Happy belated bday!!! Oh and awesome song :P!

Sweet! :D Definitely got me moving haha
Success at a new style, lets salsa nao!! :3

Step responds:

Teehee :D.


you deserve 10.

Excellent rythm. Excellent loop.
10/10 from me.
You deserve week top5.
Good luck with your future attempts in this genre,i'll be looking for them in the future :)

Step responds:

Thanks dude. If you want I'll let you know if I ever give this genre a try again.

Glad you took the time to review!