Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"


Nice one,but its to "classic"
I think you understand
No offences xD

Step responds:

If you prefer Trance/Techno songs then check out my song 'Racing Through Eternity' ;).

Anyway thanks for the 10!

I know what I'm about to say is lame, but...


Step responds:

Lol xD.

Thanks for reviewing!

wow cool

if i ever make a fun game this will be the song choices for everything!!

Step responds:

Hehe thanks :D.


I'm not usually a big fan of salsa, but this song rocks my socks! You go man! Honestly, if I imagined animation to this, I could see a hero or something coming out of hiding to save some people or something.

Step responds:

Cool :D. I don't usually like salsa either, but I had fun making this.

Anyway, thanks for the 10 and the review!

Nice song!

This song makes me happy each time i listen to it. It has a very good beat.

Step responds:

Thank you. I'm quite proud of the rhythms I've done in this :).

Thanks for the review!