Reviews for "-Dancing Flame-"


Really good, it gives that extra mexican "spice" on the song that makes it even better.

Step responds:

Cool. Thanks!

very good for a salsa mix

Yes i can see your style very clearly in there, i love how you implemented your style with the salsa genre, it suits you very well. lots of movement in this song, and you could definitely use this for a party. p.s. hope your dads party is fun :)
5/5 10/10

Step responds:

Thanks man. Glad my style influenced the song well!

Yeah my dad enjoyed his birthday. Thanks for the great review!


enough said, i love it!

Step responds:

Good :D. Thanks!


really good ,would be great music to write a cheo for some competitions and dance groeps :)
<3 to dance

Step responds:

So some people say this is good for an epic movie and others say this is good for dancing.

That's OK with me I guess :D. Thanks for reviewing!

i like it

has a great beat and rethum

Step responds:

Thanks :).