Reviews for "Raider Cave (Epilogue)"


Hey, pretty good job.

Really like the song. What program are you using? the sound quality is great!

And, if you get a chance, I'd appreciate if you check a submission from mine.
Thanks :)

F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks for the positive comment.

As a DAW I'm using Cubase 5. The orchestral instruments are a mix of Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and HALion Symphonic Orchestra. For the groove I used Stormdrum 2 and Stylus RMX.

And yeah, I'll check out your stuff some time.

Very nice!

Ah dude, some faggot must of voted 0 because of the score D:, Dw I'll boost that up for ya. ;)

Great Intro man, The percussion has such a nice sound, then the horn/string (Can't work it out ;p) Is really nice, Doesn't drown out the percussion which is a common mistake. I love the chopping at 1:11 Then the harmony strings at 1:27 make it so it's not repetitive and a really smooth sound!

This is a really good track! :) I look forward to hearing more from you.


F4LL0UT responds:

Yeah, those 0-bombers piss me off. The first rating was a 5 and the next one had to be a 0. That totally sucks. Those jealous untalented kids actually think that they can promote their own shit by giving everybody else a bad rating. Moronic jerks. :P

Anyhow: Thank you very much for your detailed review. I'm quite happy because your review sort of eliminates my greater fears concerning this piece. I was afraid that it might still be too repetitive - I think that's an aspect that is very hard to evaluate in your own creations, so it's great to see that my attempts to kill the monotony actually seem to work.

And I look forward to reading more of your reviews. :)

Loved the song; used it in a video about geocaching into a cave.


Thanks for creating this and putting it out there for people to use.

F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks for using it and crediting! :)


I love the sound this has, it fits a shooter game really well. It has a very dark and battle-appropriate sound to it...more like a sneaking around in enemy territory sound really. It's nice and lengthy as well.

The percussion is toned down and blends amazingly. It has a real professional sound to it. The mixing on this track is almost flawless. Not sure what instrument the brass noise is, but it also sounds very good. Especially the two of them playing at once.

The notes you picked are very daunting, and just create a really perfect mood for a shooter game. I can see this being played at the Modern Warfare 2 main menu no problem, although I think this sounds a bit more dark than that game.

Overall a fantastic song/loop. Keep up the great work.


F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks for the kind words. "Sneaking around in enemy territory" is pretty close to the idea behind this piece. I wouldn't ever use such a piece in a game based in an "authentic" scenario such as Modern Warfare 2 (and personally I despise the CoD franchise) but I'll take it as a compliment. ;)

Nice work

This is a very nice piece of work, with that being said the beat is somewhat of a good loop as well. I feel this could possibly go into one of those FPS games where you entered a cave or shaft in a very far deep down place, kind of like on DOOM 3 which is a good game as well.

The beat sounds a tiny bit like a tune I heard in Sonic Heroes, can't remember what level it was though, this song has a dark sinister feel to it as well. You just have a feeling like you're doing something and everyone is else is depending on you to do it correctly, very nice piece of work.

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F4LL0UT responds:

I totally don't see a link to Doom 3 here but comparison to a legendary AAA title is probably the best feedback one can get, so I won't complain. :D Thank you very much for the extensive review. :)