Reviews for "Joe Zombie :: Episode 2"

Wonderfully entertaining. I think we all saw these about a forever and a half ago, myself included. As bad as the animation is, the choreography is very cinematic and the music fitting. The whole thing is hilariously cheesy and over the top, which only serves to make it more amusing. Microsoft Sam once again makes the voice work hilariously monotone.

For what it is, this is really great. Personally it would be nice to see some more solid animation and graphics, but this is over a decade old now.

I'm a BIG fan of yours! Also this episode is funny with sounds! XD


Their brains are missing? Did Joe end up becoming one of those zombies that feeds on the brains of other characters or something? I'm also surprised at the character voices, but then again, this was also created in 2001.

ZOMBIES WIHT GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!