Reviews for "Joe Zombie :: Episode 2"

Again another masterpeice

You did it again, another hit sensation, a wonderful flash that went well with the first one, it seems as if the 3rd one is going to turn ou like the "day of the dead" very cool

otra vez, joe zombie es el rey

uds tienen que mirar eso, si hes mirado, dinos lo que piensan!

joe zombie is the best

like i said joe zombie is the best stickfigure carictr ever and he has a good sence of music to were is the humor though.


this was the funniest shit i've seen in a long time! Great music, cool original concept, and lots of brain sucking action. kinda like spiderman meets night of the living dead.
kick ass!!!

Amazing need i say more

better than the last. god this shits good