Reviews for "Pixel Tokyo"

This is...

the best score i ever seen here in newgrounds, and i agree.

Great use of colors

This is really good, nice effects, and awesome colors. I love the colors, a lot! Seriously, this is great, I can't say anything more.


This is exceptionally well done for the limited amount of colours and shapes that you used. I would defiantly want to see more artwork with this style.

Incredible piece

Turkey, you stun me with your incredible isometric pixelwork. The shading was simple, yet made the picture pop out for me.

Great job, hope to see more from you in the future.


i'm amazed at how much depth and variance there is with only 5(?) colours. incredible, adorable, and perfectly executed. can't wait to see hong kong led-screen $5 game makers rip off this art and plaster it on their popstations.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

With some of the words I've used, I'd doubt it.