Reviews for "Pixel Tokyo"


Dude, this is one of the greatest art pieces I have ever encountered on this website or even in general! It's just great to see all of these wonderfully bright colors. It was also a brilliant idea to completely omit the black lines and just let the colors tell the story. It makes me want to learn Japanese just so I can figure out what the neon lights mean! Every single line is wonderfully done and gorgeous to look at. I notice that there's only one lone plane going after the robot.

All of the proportions on everything is just perfectly done. I would just LOVE to see artwork like this be used in actual flash submission. All of these buttons and stuff on the robot make it lok so well detailed. It makes sense a Pac-Man poster would appear in a pixellated world colored red and yellow. Is the robot trying to say Bruce Willis' line from the "Die Hard" movies? This makes you want to go to Tokyo.

SO KAWAII DESU!!! ^_____^

Man that is so cool! It would look so good on a massive canvas.


is just too awesome

Pew Pew!

Damn awesome man!


Cool picture!
Bu who'se gonna destroy the "ROBOTTO"?
the graphics are kinda famillar of an iternet game...
or maybe the graphics are gameboy-like?