Reviews for "Cell V.S Brolly"

Not bad

the animation was pretty good and i liked the fight

one thing

i feel like you didnt use brolys fighting style(uppercuts slams and throws)although it would be hard to animate with sprites...

Nice Job

pretty good use of sprites, you've obviously seen enough DB to know how a fight should look which is great. It's a tough call to say who'd come out best because according to what i've read, Broly was fought the first time during the lead up to the cell games, so we're talking a LSSJ, around the time of a Perfect Cell (but not full power). i've also read that a Legendary SSJ is stronger than an SSJ2, which Gohan was when he defeated a Full Power Perfect Cell. the reason that Goku could defeat Broly at the level of a Full power SSJ1 but not cell, is that he had the surrendered power of all the Z fighters added to his own to land the final punch which i'd imagine would be a bit stronger than an SSJ2's punch. Given that Broly Returned far stronger than ever after the first defeat, i'd say he recovered and reached a great level as seen when he encounters them again which far surpasses where they stood against against Cell, and cells power even in his full powered perfect form. so i guess it would be pretty even if you consider Cells speed and Broly's power initially, though later on Cell would be punished hard and fast.

Another good idea.

Next you should make something like Goku vs vegeta. People would LOVE that!

S-E5000 responds:

I may have something in the works ;)

got annoying

was a good movie but i had to keep hitting the right mouse button to play it and soon it got annoying cuz I had to do it for every camera motion

S-E5000 responds:

Right mouse button? Space bar skips the dialogue