Reviews for "Cell V.S Brolly"


great instant flash using man.brolly would win against cell in a minute cell's powerlevel is probably circa.:5 million brolly's powerlevel is quite the beast here becuz he's powerlevel is ********** i dunno but they say brolly's powerlevel wouldnever stop rising and brolly is like 4m long

S-E5000 responds:

LOL yeah.
Thanks for the review and im pleased you liked it


ALTHOUGH, I like Cell much, much better than Broly, I cannot disagree with your choice in winner.... From the Cell Games, Gohan was Super Saiyan 2, and was somewhat stronger than Cell, even when he came back. Gohan grew up, and was much much stronger than he was in the Cell Games. Gohan basically contended equally with Broly, despite being somewhat weaker. I suppose this means Broly is Stronger than Teen Gohan SSJ2, hmm? Well, either way, Broly would have rocked Cell. I dont see any problems with the flash, ran smoothly. I did, however had a problem with some of the grammatical errors in it. The better grammar you have in a flash, the more people will think you tried hard on it! Other than that, it was great. I had a fun time watching it. Maybe a fairer fight next time would be in order? >:D I suggest Majin Buu Vs Broly. Any form of Buu... Super Buu or Kid Buu would probably even it up though. Good Luck!

S-E5000 responds:

O.O how did you know what i was making LOL ....... Currently working on Kid Buu V.S Brolly ^_^
I appreciate the comment and the grammer errors i appologise for. (im probably spelling words wrong here to but nvm lol)


broly waz kiCking ass

S-E5000 responds:

Indeed ^^


broly owned him big time make another with broly
maybe freiza, majin buuor gogeta (they seem 2 always fuse facing broly in the game openings BT2 BT3 2 name a few)
its good make him av a super massive duper attack like omega eraser blaster
just a idea my ideas aint very gud ;p keep it up

S-E5000 responds:

Yes i am currently working on and off a new brolly movie so ill try to get that in to Newgrounds soon.

Not Bad

Though I can't say I agree with your choice of winner, (unless it was cell before he self destructed), there's bound to be people who dont. That's why you should take the path many "vs" flash makers take and make it so you can choose the winner at the end (sometimes along with a special alternate ending.)

Just my opinion that that would make this video perfect.
I also loved how you made a new variation on the power struggle. I was expecting the boring old "attacks-collide-and-theres-a-big-exp losion-and-both-sides-are-hurt " theme and it was a pleasant surprise to see something new.

S-E5000 responds:

Yeah at the time i knew i would stick to Brolly winning but now i wish i put in options,
I appreciate how i bettered it for you with the same old boaring attack ... etc lol Was fun making it and good to hear what people think ^^