Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"

If RS were nearly so good as this flash

If only...I must commend this author for putting out a decent flash based on RS.I Fagex would put forth a real effort into making the game half as involving as this flash was I might still be playing.However they just want retarded updates that don't really do much for realism.No gunpowder, no horses, you can't really be evil or good except in the wildy.Enough of that though.Lagex sucks.

Good job on the flash.

To the guy below me.

Hehe B-e-low me. *gigglez* :o O

To the guy below. You sound arrogant as hell. Shut up lol.

I used to play runescape.

This flash is awesome.
I made a runescape, but mine was noticing it's flaws, not the good times you can have playing with other people around the world.

pretty good

I really fucking hate runescape, but this was a great mopvie so you get 10/10


I would have to say that this was a really good animation. Sure a few things could have been better, but still good nun the less. Grats on the animation and grats on the fact that you seem to stick up for Runescape.