Reviews for "Wonchop's b-day surprise"

good job

Im fast becoming a fan of your animation style, definitely one of my fav here on newgrounds! I think I will give you lots of money

and by "will" i mean wont...any by "lots of money", i mean anything...

well, at least you're one of my favorites, right?

Lawlz, yet another of your hilarious flashes.

I think this one was funnier than Sheik Be A Woman. Even though this flash was so amazingly short, it was still super funny. And Wonchop is the sh1t!

cool <D

how come wonchoplooks like a monkey

nalem responds:

Because Wonchop IS a monkey.


Well that was... random? lol anyways great job, love your work :3 toodles ^_^


I thought this was a great dedication flash for your friends birthday, the graphics for all the character designs were great and i loved the way you synced the voices with your animation. The voice acting was also really good, i liked the way you tried to play one character impersonating several other characters. The zoom out to reveal that the characters were puppets was also good. Overall That was a really good flash.