Reviews for "Wonchop's b-day surprise"

this is odd

my real name is Ben and it was submitted 2 days before my birthday...coincidence?

nalem responds:

not really no.


wtf is natsu btw?

nalem responds:

she was his girlfriend at the time. Not anymore though.


OH NO!!! OH YES!!!


i was expecting something a little cruder, but this was quite sweet. Nice fbf mouth animation.

I'm trying to figure out what the fuck a Natsu is now.

nalem responds:

Natsu was his girlfriend at the time.


I made it go up .1 points =D wewt lol xD any ways at least I finished it dun't care but good movie lawl send in the natsu xD I will never be baka itsumo D= evaaaaar except my sister >_> for she failz lol any ways PIE AGAIN~