Reviews for "Wonchop's b-day surprise"

Your Awsome

Make a movie man!!! No seriously, make a movie.


if you dont know this was favorited by wonchop himself

nalem responds:

oh boy...

Nice one

you're a great animator and writer, very excellent work, I look forward to more successes such as this and the Street fighter one you did, that was funny, he changed every time, lol

Good work

I liked it alot and wonchop dserved something like this after all those cat face animations he made XD
He's good monkey.
MMhh... yuri.

nalem responds:

Is that a blow to Wonchop or a compliment?

?! i've never written this review?!

I could have sworn i already did... but 10/10 from me! :D when you did the 2nd zone i fell out of my chair laughing. i love how he changed faces with it, absolutely hilarious, and still amusing no matter how many times i watch it.