Reviews for "Bbq-ish Race"

It good to see that you are still making Flash. :)

$$$The Good$$$

-I loved the old school screen, as in the black and white colors.
-The Storyline was quite random and entertaining.
-The Race between BBQ Beef Burgerman and Osama was EPIC! Loved how Osama crashed in the end. He was toast! XD
-For a weapon, Mr. BBQ Beef Burgerman choose the right one to kill him.
-The Sound was awesome. I liked the music when they were racing. That made it more interesting to watch.
-Looks like BBQ Beef Burgerman was on steriods at the end. XD

$$$The Bad$$$

-The colors can get annoying to some people.
-This flash was a little too short but no biggie.


-Overall, This flash was Awesome and I enjoyed watching this! Awesome Work Mr. BBQ Beef Burgerman! Responses are gladly appreciated! :D


Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Im working on making these longer and these actually ARE longer than they used to be. So im heading in the right direction.

Also BBQ doesnt use steroids, his muscles are natural dude!

Thanks for the review.



Bbqbeefburgerman responds: