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Reviews for "Gradium: Enemies Inbound"

luv it!!!!!!

i luv this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :)

Revival of Gradius

I loved playing this, even though I sucked at playing Gradius, Gradium kept the same challenging levels alive as in Gradius. I for one thank you for taking me down memory lane. Your artwork was mediocre, which was perfect for this game, plus the animation was nice and speedy just like the original. This is surely a game for the reflexes. Plus excellent sound.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Sound
*Great Story
*Fun and Challenging

|| Bad Points ||

Skeik responds:

Thanks for the reviews. I really should have sent you to version 2, which fixes many of the bugs found in this game, and some of the unnecessary lag :/ I'm glad you liked it, I wouldn't call the artwork superb though XD Soon I want to make a shooter much like this on in the same style of Gradium and Dreamcatcher but with a music game twist.

uhh wow that's pretty impressive

that was a lot of fun. i really liked the variety of ships and how each one played fairly different. you definitely need to include a quality button or something because by the time i had fully upgraded my ship i was running at something like 6fps.

Skeik responds:

I really need to fix that. PM me if you want the swf to play off the broswer, so it run faster.

Simple and Great game but...

it gets too repitive and boring you should add maybe some mini bosses and powerups

other than that this game is great!

Skeik responds:

:) I will... In the next episode, lol.

If I ever get around to creating a sequel to this game, expect that and more. Just keep hoping and pming me about it, :>
Maybe in august, eh?

IT's comming back to me

brings me back to the nice super nintendo game called gradius III. good call

Skeik responds: