Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"


Awesome. really addictive. I won :]


I need a Help when i play i clicking on the enemy like in help instruction but nothing happend
So say me what i doing wrong i clicking clicking on enemys and nothing.
I have Flash player 9 for linux (openSuSE 10.2 x86_64) and i using Firefox 2

If sb can help me pls do it i would like to play that game

Psi43 responds:

I ain't really sure why, but it seems like that game only works on Windows. I am really sorry. Thanks a LOT for the overall rating 10 anyways, much love.


Oh boy, where to start...? From the not-getting-any-bigger-lightning-bolt s to the never-getting-stronger-bolts, it was a true waste of my time. Never the less, it was fun, and I beat it. Congratulations, good game for one day's work. :)

was easy

nice game but i did complete it heaps fast.

Good game.

This game is pretty good for a single day. I liked it. And I have yet but one wish, wich is for you to make another like it but a bit longer.