Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

Easily Beat

Lost on the last level the first time ,but easily beat it the second time. Needs more levels and tougher enemies and it'll be perfect :)


This game was actually good, just because i could let the enemies defeat locklegion. i always liked to do that, it's good to hear that some small guys from a flash game did it for me.
One thing needs improvement though, let the castle EXPLODE! not just a stupid game over screen.

your game

The stronger bolts aren't that strong actually. It does still take hits for everything at 4/4.

The easiest way I found to win was upgrade the loading time all the way then the bolt strength then the bolt width.


not bad but need more stuff to it like more weapons more upgrades but it was good^^

Pretty good

Pretty decent graphics, but the game is very monotone...