Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

Did not expect...

.....to be playing this game as long as I did. Copied concept done originally with much finesse. Good job giving the castle defense game a twist. Later 4/5


It was alright but it was way to easy and not enough upgrades. But still very fun. Great job. ;]

pretty cool

i liked it alot, but make more upgrades,weapons, and a longer story it was short but still cool

Not Bad

I liked it, acctually. Its kinda impressive, for a game you made in one day. There are just a few slight problems that you should fix.
1) Add a story line to give the player a better sence of purpose and motivation.
2) Add about 50 more levels.
3) Increase the graphics and quality.
4) Add more options for the upgrades.
5) Add a larger upgrade range.
6) Add somesort of super-laser as a special attack that can only be used every 50 kills.

PLEASE ADD THESE IDEAS TO NUMBER TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Good

I really liked it, but it was a little to easy and short. but good job! :)