Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

wow to easy

all u have to do to win is first 4 levles levle up strenght then just levle up ur speed to 3 then width 1 and strength 1 when ur fight on lvls 2 through watever just shoot them when they just come out its so simple last lvl is the only time it gets harder though lol


I thought it was good, just add more levels.


i like it, jus add more weps, make it longer, and add upgrades, mabe even money then it would be a great game, hereza 5 sn 10 strs

Nice 5/5 10/10

I love upgrading games. one flaw.. it was too easy. i beat it without my castle getting hit once.

fun game

Fun to play with the laser but it would of been cool to have multiple weapons.