Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"


It was a great effort, and it was smooth and everything, but the laser thing just doesn't work for me. It just got boring after awhile, and there weren't too many upgrades and all.. It looked fantastic, I just think you could come up with a more creative and less boring way to defend the castle.

Not Bad

Good but too short and somethings is still missing, but good job guys!

ok, i guess

it was a decent, yet short, basic and easy, flash. seriously though, if ll was ever under attack, especially if i was god, id just let them die...

to easy but good

much to easy but ok and i luv defence games

I beat it!

Meh, wasnt all hard, i just got speed and damage back and forth, then i started getting wide, and i won, i was expecting it to get more and mor eharder, you seemed to end the game too quickly, otherwise it COULD have been more fun. I understand making levels takes time though, so i did expect this to be only a couple rounds, or at least stronger. not a bad game when you are Extremely drunk, or very... tired................................