Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

this games sucks

i think this game sucks the graphics sucked and the caractars looked stupid


it was alriiite. neeeded alot more depth. not enough upgrade things or enemies. waaaayyy too easy and quick. graphics and stuff were a little dull... but still alrite game :P

Too easy

"You win"

That's it? I enjoyed the game.. little too easy but it was nice, shame bout the end though!

NO TURRETS!!!!!!!!!!!

i didnt like this game because well.......... there were no turrets!!!!!!!!!!! next time get some turrets or atleast get some lockleagion characters to help i mean peach coud shoot bullets. all i mean is have some turrets or some people to help nextime


it was simple and easy to play, but nothing exciting or different. out of games of this specific genre id rate it a 5/10