Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

somewhat amusing

The strength of the laser was super wack and the width upgrade was even worse. but i did enjoy it.


This game is boring


this is one of the worst games I have ever played, it was way too easy, and the upgrades were crap. You could have atleast made the game a little longer or even harder. Heck a bossfight at the end would have atleast made this better.

Psi43 responds:

the whole game, graphics, coding and what-not were made in about 4 hours, i wanted to enter a stupid contest.

How is this game supposed to work?!?

Nothing works when I click the mouse- from what the instructions say, when I click the mouse lightning is supposed fly down & kill the enemy right? Well then, please explain why nothing is happening...............

Pretty good.....

Too easy though. I suggest making levels and like bojects such as a screen wiper(a.k.a. bomb) that you can buy in the shop