Reviews for "Defend LL.com!"

okay game

It was okay but was too short, and was not very interesting to play. There was not much of a plot and the whole game was pretty much clicking on targets. upgrades were okay, but the game could be better if there was some sort of special attack, and if you can build people to help defend. and the most important is to make it longer than 10 levels.


it was ok at first i thought music was pretty horrible but it does match the game plus its alittle easy make another or redo this one
ill be generous 6

Sequel Please

Very good start make it better and with towers. And then ake another game with only towers. Because they're better.


very boring game and much too short.

way too short, but good

From the looks of the Shop menu, I expected at least 16 levels, so the player could fully upgrade everything, but there were only 10. Certain enemy types would increase in health than the level before, which is strange... Shouldnt a certain enemy type's health be a constant in this type of game? Also, there wasnt much variety. A few different enemy designs, but thats pretty much it. Good game, but a short lived expirience with no replay value.