Reviews for "Zombieland"

I remember playing this as a kid,this game freaked me out, good times ;)

This game is rad. Simple concept, excellent execution. A fun endless zombie killer. Controls and gameplay still hold up 10 years later.

I love zombies and any game where you do nothing but kill them will be one I like! I really liked the graphics in this. It was wonderful to see how you could maneuver through everything. It has the feel of Metal Slug Rampage. I never even heard of that game before coming to this website. Maye you could sue the creators of the Zombieland movie?

Eh, doubt they saw this. I like to see the new kinds of zombies. It really is an interesting test, because you are your own enemy in this with you move around the zombies. May they live, or not, on forever! The music's pretty good too.

Interesting and unique.

sweet x3