Reviews for "Zombieland"


Funny, and the time wepons make it a challange to survive, my highest was like almost 9 haha I could probablly beat ur score Urban haha if I played it long enough, but this game is pretty good thanks for the submit to NG.


this game is a lot of fun, seriously classic

could be better

it could be abit better the music is so damn anoying in the titlescreen and when playing the game there seems to be no pause button that i can find and why a potato gun zombies won't die from that and the most complained one is the time for a gun it should be ammo. if you are thinking of releasing a 2nd one look at your comments so you don't make mistakes that are noticeably to the people playing

Good job!

I have to say that I really like this game. It's fun and a bit addictive. My only gripes with it are your character moves a bit too slow and the weapons should have ammo counters NOT a time bar. Other than that, great job!


is he holding a potato gun?