Reviews for "Antbuster"

Absolutely FAN-tastic!

I love how this game starts really easy and then gets harder, and harder, and harder etc. I got to level 60 before they took my cake
:( I also love the amount of different cannons there are to pick from. Great Work! :)

cool i thought

very good game although the cannon that you first buy in the left bottom corner. I hate how that always goe's up in price.
everything else is good pricing. just that becomes to dear.

This is how I beat the game.

First, start by building 3 canons by the picnic blanket.
Then save all your money until you can upgrade them ALL to double impact canons. (red)
Then build 4 canons around the anthole. Make them in this order side by side, but a little spread out:
quick, double, power, quick. Just keep leveling these things up until cost for each upgrade is about $1,000. Then in the center, bottome left corner, and towards the top corners, make poison sprays. Figure the rest out. That is how I beat it. Hope this helps. If it doesn't, then you had some bad luck. I tried this 4 times and it worked twice so it doesn't always work, but it's very helpful. ;)


this game had me hooked when i played it great game


this is my favorite defense game
but i think that in the later levels you should get more money for killing the ants that have like 5000 health =/