Reviews for "Antbuster"

it hard but fun

i got to lvl 59 there it the hardest but it very fun and has high amount of gun upgerageds and it could use a sand box with unlimeted money

Classic Arcade Game

One that I keep coming back to play. There are plenty of choices for upgrades based on your personal style of play. The upgrade paths are fun to go through and make game interesting to play. I like that the cake can be retrieved too. Two thumbs up.

the cake is a lie!

nice awesome game!


A new twist to the tower defense idea, this game is fun and addictive. The giggling of the ants was funny- except when I failed to blow the gory ant pieces afterwards. My only complaint is that the upgrade costs WILL murder you later on. Make a mistake in the beginning and you're finished.

It's fun,

Not perfect,