Reviews for "Antbuster"


I found a secret ant pattern lol I'm serious it's cool
by the way nice game

Poor Guns, Great Ants

The ant path algorithm is nice, except is keeps diverting the ants to my weakest area. When I reinforce, then the ants simply march right through so fast that I can't kill them quick enough.

The gun tree is nice, but most of the guns are unable to hit moving ants at any reasonable distance, except the sniper - and it lacks the killing power needed.

If the ants are going to continually grow immune and move faster, then the gun tree needs to be expanded further to allow for greater game play.

I tried a variety of weapon combinations and layouts, but have not been able to find any pattern that will allow game play to extend beyond lvl 80, which is my highest so far.

Anyone else make it beyond 80?

Is it Pizza or Strawberry Cake?

I can never tell about this food That the ants are after.

I rate this a 10, Cake or Pizza It's all good!

Stupid Ants

It's a good thing ants are stupid, or this game would be really hard. They franticly scatter around their ant-hole while I unload can after can of poison spray on them.

Not a good idea.

Some people say they liked the variety of the ant paths, but that was exactly the problem with this game. The ants were able to deliberately avoid the cannons.
Not good.