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Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Great Game

The Game Was Awsome i spent hours playing it and the music that went with it just made it better keep up the good work.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Cheers, dude!

Same Problem, Instant Death

I'm having the same problem as link-freak. When I load my game I'll die when the large kamikaze comes on screen. I think the bug has to do with that large kamikaze vehicle. As soon as it starts to make it run onto the screen, you start taking damage, like it is hitting you and exploding the entire time. Not sure if this problem is only limited to saved games though. My saved game is from before your last update, so it is possible that is the problem.
Other than that, I freaking love this game. Even with the bug I love this game. Feel free to make many sequels, all of which I will play.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Yeah, the kamikaze does seem to be the problem, looking through all these reports...

Nice to hear you'd like a sequel.


this was really fun and i love the thing to where you keep getting money like it dosent stop rising (if its a glitch KEEP IT XD)


a great game very simple but with more guns oh for those of you who don't know later in the game you are able to get better guns also if you move the mouse around the turret really fast you start to get ass loads of money and it restores yer armor needs more enemies even on easy different weapons bosses and a enhanceable auto repair

YAY!! dont listen to the guys below

i played a LOOOONG while and uped my armor. there is no such glitch this game is soo cool