Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Awesome game

Awesome game, I loved this. The music was great, as was the gameplay. A few things that I noticed that could be improved:

The menu at the beginning took too long to load (pointed out before, I know).

The game tended to start lagging badly for me after level 20, and reducing the quality and turning off the effects did nothing to improve it. Closing the window and loading my save reduced the lag to zero, though, even though I had all the quality settings back on.

When I reopened the game on lvl 37, I found that it hadn't saved my auto-repairs ( I had bought up to level 4). This was very expensive and I barely survived the level so that I could buy new ones.

At one point, I somehow managed to buy all the machine gun upgrades, including the one that wasn't available to me at that time, for nothing. I don't know how it happened, but after one of the levels I looked at the list and the machine gun was fully upgraded.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

I've fixed the auto-healer save bit, now. And I've removed some keypresses I had in for testing, which you might have pressed accidentally, giving you full machine guns.

Thanks for the review!

Not bad at all

But ive ran into a few minor annoyances. One, the glare on the various buttons makes them very hard to read. Two, the save feature dosent work for me. But that aside its fun, took me a while to realize how the mortars worked though.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

I'll see if I can fix the buttons, I'm not sure how much work it'll be... I can't see what the problem is with the save...

Thanks for the review!

eaasy game but lots of fun

wen u said immeniant defeat u really meant it id liek to see immenient 3?

Are you a good glitch?

Easily one of my favorite defence games. And playing though this unlimited day easy campaign, somehow I stumbled into a glitch where I randomly take damage, but have money vomited at me as long as there are no enemies no screen.

great game

i dont remember this glitch in the past but now im getting the same thing as bobsack , just randomly past wave about 5 or something the money shoots up by a insain amount allowing you to buy everything which is nice for the little kids who arent patient enough to actually earn everything. but for people like me it ruins the game , try fixing it asap
aside from that tho i love the game and same goes for the first one