Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Very good game indeed

Loved first one and i'm loving this one but what bugs me is that i still don't get the upgrade system, when do new levels get available?

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

New levels of weaponry become available every twelfth game level.

Thanks for the comments

Awesome game

I dunno if it was a bug but, my hp is always just..dropping for some reason. Which is crappy, but I had autoheal. Then one level, as soon as it started, my health dropped from 200 to -300 in about 2 seconds. No enemies anywhere
I dunno wtf is up with that,

glitch city

there were a lot of glitches in this one. right off the top of my head when i got to level 7 i bought the lasers and then it just sky rocketed my bank account. and then it started paying me to buy stuff. cool at first but took away the difficulty of the game.


This is an ok game, but it has a few bugs that could use some work. Other than that, its a good defense game, and I love the music, which goes great with it.

wait huh

wait huh suddenly the game ended does anybody no y but still nice game