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Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Really good!

This is an amazing defence game and for once, the sound track in a game is pretty good.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Yeah, I got a few complaints on the last one about my choice of tracks...

Glad to hear someone likes it this time!

this game is okay.......

the game was great but whenever it was night time,i couldn't see the enemies,since they were wearing black,but nevertheless it was great

Strange but nice

mostly on round 5 or so i always got a nice amount of money somthing like infinite...psyche :D


yo twitchy5. i had it to. i was on unlimeted easy when i killed an allertillery guy.

Awesome to the maximum!

It's a PERFECT game but there are 2 thing i dont like, the lagg on my computer while the level is going form day to night and at like level 12 or 13 you kill that single enemy it gives you 1 million dollars instead of 10 thousand, or whatever you intended it to be. Overall its like the best defense game that i've played in a long time. Keep them coming!