Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

I beat it! I beat it! YAY!!

I defeated it on the level 80 number of days and difficulty set to extreme!!! I spent so much time on this that my eyes hurt now so bye bye

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Well done!


its good

but something is messed up. when i load my old game i automatically die. and sometmies i take damage for no reason. i liked everything else in the game too except i had all the avilable upgrades at the time and i had to save my money unitl i had like 2 million.


the game was awesome! but there was this one part where i didnt see any enemies but my life when from 5000 to -3800 in like a half second and i suddenly lost. lucky i saved right before that lol


could use more enamies on the screen ane less bullets and more lasors(laser's or as in ours).

Awesome to the maximum!

It's a PERFECT game but there are 2 thing i dont like, the lagg on my computer while the level is going form day to night and at like level 12 or 13 you kill that single enemy it gives you 1 million dollars instead of 10 thousand, or whatever you intended it to be. Overall its like the best defense game that i've played in a long time. Keep them coming!