Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

only 1 problem

i went past 0 dollars and had max money after that so i spent it all again and got back to max money so after about 2 seconds of play i have all the upgrades. everything else was good

Good, very good.

It was fairly good all around. You can't really rate it on humor besides the somewhat funny splatting sound of infantry-type units dying. It wasn't really made to be funny.

I have an idea for the next one. I'm not sure if this is allowed, because I haven't even been here as a member for a day and have no knowledge of the accursed "unwritten rules" that routinely get many new members banned on many sites, so please everyone forgive me if it is, but I dirgress.

How about imminent III: Savior?

The story:
"Alright, general (insert name of player here), your base, Savior, is our last standing base. The enemy will be here within the next few minute. We will have no time to properly equip your base. You're all on your own. Chances are, the sky will be blocked out with choppers in 5 days, along with the horizon being covered with enemy troops constantly. If your base is destroyed, the enemy will officially own the world. We will give you access to all of our weapons, seeing as you're pretty mcuh the last man standing on our side. Seeing as we're incredibly poor, you will have to fund all of our weapon research. Once the research is done, we will attach our researched weapons to all towers under your command."

New weapons:

laser spinner: red lasers that shoot out constantly from your base and do small damage. They spin around independntly of your base.
v1: 2 lasers on opposite side of base. Very low damage, spins very slowly.
v2: 4 lasers, very low damage but slightly higher than v1, slightly faster spinning than v1.
v3: 8 lasers, low damage, slightly faster spinning than v2.
v4: 16 lasers, low damage but slightly higher than v3, slightly faster spinning than v3.
v5: 32 lasers, normal damage, much faster spinning than v4.

rocket launcher: like the cannon, only a much slower refire rate and has a homing ability, and does ever so slightly more damage than cannon on each version.
v1: reload time of about 30 secs, slightly more damage than cannon at same level, extremely terrible homing ability.
v2: 25 sec reload, slightly more damage than cannon at same level, terrible homing ability, small explosion damage area.
v3: 20 second reload, slightly more damage than cannon at same level, normal explosion damage area, normal homing ability.
v4: 15 second reload, slightly more damage than cannon at same level, large explosion damage area, great homing ability.
v5: 5 second reload, slightly more damage than cannon at same level, incredibly large explosion, perfect homing ability.

I was thinking of being able to build other towers around your main tower that automatically attack incoming enemies.

What do you think of my idea?

as the last guy said

many glitches. i had one where all of a sudden my hp went draining at like 500 hp a second. i died instantly :( other than those glitches, it isn't a bad game. keep it up

Enjoyable, but like others have said, glitchy.

I have experienced several glitches. The last reviewer and I both had our money go on forever. Mine happened when I hit pause, and for whatever reason noticed my money skyrocket to about 2 million. Another problem; as soon I started a level, my health would begin draining extremely rapidly, even though I saw no enemies. Then I would start shooting, and it would stop.
Aside from these, it's a decent defense game, and is quite addictive. I remember playing the first one while it was still under judgment, and I thought you'd be a great new game designer. You haven't failed.

Pretty good but serious problems

ok i dont kno if any1 noticed this but i saw it about 2 mins into the game and im not even kidding this glitch make ur money go up forever (im doing it right now lol){ i didnt want to go through bout 130 or so posts so i dont kno if any1 else has noticed it or not}well im at about 100 milion i think that ill go back to playing now