Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

lul wut ?

Every time i play, at about wave 10 or so my cash starts to go up by it self, and i don't mean slowly, This was shooting up past 100,000 with in 5 seconds and kept on going.

First one was great, Lots of bad guys, This one "eh" if u make a number 3 try add more bad guys.


why did i suddenly die it was a big white light then boom dead pls right back

I've figured out the money glitch.

When I played this a couple of years ago, there was this bullet shaped enemy that would attempt to collide with the tower. Now, whenever it's spawned, your health plummets and money skyrockets; it's destroyed, however, by firing the turret (whether you hit it or not).

Now... for the actual game... offered a good challenge without being too hard. Loved the music choice, but the sound effects got a little annoying after a while.
The circling enemies were rather frustrating to keep up with, and the teleporting enemies were worse - how are you supposed to keep your guns trained on something that instantaneously changes position? The weapons were awesome, especially at later levels - on that note, however, 12 levels was a bit long to wait for the next tier to become available.

In conclusion, 5/5, 8/10. A little disappointing you've stopped updating it; it was a really fun play.

I like it but,

There are a couple of things that made the game less than perfect for me.

-After the second wave, my money just started to skyrocket for no apparent reason. So I ended up having 400,000 dollars in the game. It got pretty boring after that.

Also, the game is a bit too easy. The days are too short, and there really isn't any variety between the enemies.

These things aside, it was a good waste of 5 or 6 minutes, and I hope to see more stuff from you in the future!

Great grraphic style and fun time-killer.

I like the stylized graphics in this one and the special effects and aesthetics have improved greatly from the first one. I was eventually able to get all the upgrades and hope for maybe a third game, with even more weaponry.

But right now :3 this is good; and I will keep playing it for a long time.