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Reviews for "In Spite of 1984"

it was cooling

it brought me very relaxing mood, like cold wind blowing trough my face.
i'd love to listen this again anytime.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thanks for the review. Love the analogy/description of feelings.

I hear talent

How beautiful, this is nice, calming, not something that goes BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM like explosions in my ear. Please, tell me what software you used to make these

PrEmoEffect responds:

I use ableton live as my DAW, and sylenth1 as my main synth. Within ableton live, I use the built in saturater, overdrive, pingpong delay, eq, autofilter, and phaser. I will put up some tutorials on youtube when i have some more time.

In spite of 2011

I don't quite get how this is inspired by george orwell's 1984 but it doesn't really matter! This is absolutely FABULOUS!

PrEmoEffect responds:

Haha, I love insightful questions. Glad to see that someone picked up on the odd title.
This song is inspired by Winston's epiphany. Though eye contact, he was mislead into thinking that O'Brien was on his side, not Big Brother's (the socialist regime). Because he thought that O'Brien was good, he did everything that O'Brien told him to do, and felt that he was being accepted into a greater community where he could finally feel at home.

One day, the Thought Police arrested him and took him to the Ministry of Love, which is actually where Big Brother brainwashs the disloyal party members.

The greatest irony took place there; O'Brien was actually a spy for Big Brother. He took Winston into room 101, "the worst place in the world". After the torture (which included being threatened to have his face eaten by rats), Winston finally gave in, expressing "love" toward Big Brother, defeated, and de-souled.

The title of this song is "In Spite of 1984." Despite experiencing horrible things, despite knowing what happened to Winston, we move on, even if we make the same mistakes.

Thanks for the review. This was a pretty important aspect of the song that may have gone unnoticed if it were not for you. Take care.


This is some impressive stuff, sounds absolutely stunning. This track is leaving me speechless.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wow Han.

Hi Han Raut, a.k.a PrEmoEffect ;) It was a pleasure reviewing your submission last time, "Unfortunate Truth", which remains on the top of my favourites list to this day. Let's see if "In Spite of 1984" keeps the bar high, or even improves the standard. :)

What I like about your last song is that was always so crisp and fresh. This is no different. Everything's been made for maximum loudness, and it just fills the ears. You have that professional touch. Sometimes pads are too loud, but that's minor.

This is definitely nice to listen to. You've got a lovely kick sound going on there, and it just grooves steadily throughout. Some parts however sound like the pads or something are too overwhelming such as 2:30 which is a shame.

Not as groundbreaking as your last single (hehe) but it's still good. The good thing about Unfortunate Truth was that it sounded unlike anything I've ever heard before, but this seems more like standard fare. It just seemed to droop in quality at the end. But you did well.

This reminds me that no-one makes music like you on this site. You're on a whole different level. Although I felt that this trumped most NG competition, I know you can do better. I have high expectations of you, and you mostly fulfil them ;)

I <3 U. SRS. This is great music, no matter in what shape or form it comes. Again, not as groundbreaking as Unfortunate Truth, but amazing nevertheless. You're great. :) Thanks for letting me listen. My pleasure :)

--Production-- = 10/10
--Listenability-- = 9/10
--Genius-- = 9/10
--Flair-- = 9/10
--Tilt-- = 9/10
VOTE: 5/5

VERDICT: Near Perfect!


PrEmoEffect responds:

Again, thank you for the amazing reviews. You put your heart out, and it's extremely helpful.

I think the excessively loud pad comes from sloppy side chaining on my part. It's true, it does take away from the power since the lead synths are not proportionally loud enough.

Haha, I'll give you the secret for the kick though: layering. Layer a couple of kicks together. I know, it sounds trivial... but it's not. I take a kick with a nice high end, and shorten the attack. Then I take a kick with a good overall sound, and play it with the other kick. Then there's the tail of the kick, which creates a very nice subtle effect. To do that, I add another kick, and keep only the decay, playing the beginning of the decay sound at the start of the other kick samples.

I wrote this song when I was in a slight low, so it has a slow pace to it. I think, when I wrote Unfortunate Truth, I had more shifting emotions, since I wrote it over a longer period of time ;). I Guess it helps to have a track, and just leave it for a while before working on it again.