Reviews for "Glitch-Nerd Like Me"

Sounds exciting

However it sounds like a lot of retro hip hop songs I used to listen to before I got annoyed by them because they all suddenly aimed at using autotune at the same time which is all most of them seem to use these days. this songs is pretty good.

Lyrics were very nice to here, couldn't truly understand what was being said but I like how the tune flowed. Also kind of reminded of the show called "The Boondocks" which had a few good episodes. This song is great, nice job on it though.

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Nerds have rhythm? Who knew?

Clever. I might be a nerd like you, then again I might not, but I can really appreciate where you're coming from. It's funny that you managed to explore a subculture so eloquently in a 3 1/2 minute song. There's so much brilliant material in the nerd culture; take a listen to "White and Nerdy" or anything by MC Lars.

I dug the funky beat of the song. I didn't realize I was bobbing my head until about two minutes into the song. Somehow, the beat infiltrated my brain and told me to chill out-- I obliged. You've got a relaxed, easygoing vocal style, which makes repeated listens a treat. I didn't hear any slip ups, nor did I hear any microphone-related disturbances; you've got serious record-deal talent on your hands, as it's blindingly obvious that you care about the quality of your songs.

You did a great job keeping this relevant and approachable. The references you used will stand in the future, adding a nostalgic quality to the song; for now, it just makes you seem like my buddy.

I've got absolutely no qualms with this song; your backing track was brilliant, and the rapping was superb. Polish really makes itself evident in this track, as the whole thing is crisp and a lot of fun to listen to. I look forward to more releases in this vein. It's that creativity that earned you a 10.

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glitchs2d responds:

Thanks for the great review. I listen to MC FrontAlot, Deltron 3030, and MC Lars. I really like the whole nerd culture that I am part of in alot of ways. Even though im not as nerdy as half of the nerdcore rappers but I believe that I am nerdy enough to fit in with them and still cool enough to appeal to the average hip-hop fan. The whole goal was to make being a nerd seem cool to the average person and hope every person could relate to what I was saying becasue we all have a little nerd in us.

very good..

i really enjoyed this track
i loved the orchestral sounds, they fitted very well with the beats you used, im not usually a huge fan of hip hop but i really enjoyed this. i also ejoyed the little low-fi build up in the second verse.
my only problem was the little guitar riffs in the verses, musically they fitted, but i think that mabey if they had a different tone and if they were pehaps a bit quieter in the mix.
but apart from that it was a smashing track.

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glitchs2d responds:

Thanks for the review.

Not half bad

Well, let it be known right off the bat that rap is not my thing at all. I listen to almost none, but I must admit I find this song pretty catchy.

I wanna say that most of it is because of the beat that you didn't even make, but without a good rap to it, there's no way I would have downloaded this.

The rap is pretty much flawless. I honestly can't point out any flaws in it, and the same with the beat. The beat isn't repetitive at all, it's actually more complex than I expected and you flowed to the song perfectly. The vocal echo effects you used were a really nice touch and they all seem appropriately placed.

The video game references and general theme of the song is hilarious, and adds a lot of character to the song, instead of some mindless song about you getting high or something we've all heard a million times over.

To say the least, I'm impressed, and I've recently tried to rate things on a much stricter scale than ever before, but I must honestly say this track deserves a solid 9. As far as lasting effect goes, only time will tell. I actually downloaded this which is surprising to me, so I must say, keep up the good work - this is good.

Oh, and you should post the lyrics in the author comments.

glitchs2d responds:

Haha thanks and I play a lot of games so they have to be incorperated in my lyrics somehow. There is also a transformers refence in there to. I might post up the lyrics its just I hate typing all of it out you know.



Let's make a tape

glitchs2d responds:

Yea for sure you just have to let me catch up on a few things then I'll be down for sure email me the links to the beats you have in mind