Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"


Hey the creator of Newgrounds (quite possibly the best site ever) is getting married?!! How could anyone ever blam this :) hehe
Love it

Rudy responds:

Hah :D I know! :]]


best line 5'ved

Rudy responds:

ahaha (: I love that line too :]]


Nothing is more fitting to pay tribute to toms wedding then a flash animation on his own site. Good animation to go along with wonderful news. Actually a lot better then I thought it was going to be.

Rudy responds:

hah thanks :D

That was pretty good...

I liked the graphics. The voices were just BIT blurry, though, but other than that, it was excellent!

Anyway, I'm happy for the both of you... WHEN IT'S GONNA BE MY TURN?! :'(

Rudy responds:

Awh hah. Thank you. I'm glad ya liked it.

It will be your turn soon, very soon. :]

Good job!

This is a good flash. And to all of the people who did not like this every flash does not have to be in the top 50 list this is good enough for the front page. When Tom sees this he will like it.

Rudy responds:

:) Thank you! you're right!