Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"

love this movie

very very thought full for tom lol funny drawings i loved the pre-loader maybe u should put up a link in the flash forum to that preloader if u put it on a host site very good smooth animation u can tell u worked hard hope this passes judgment a big 5 from me

Rudy responds:

Well, it passed judgment thank god! :) Hah, I'm glad you liked it.

Great Flash

So theres a Mrs. Newgrounds now?

Rudy responds:

Yes :]


better f**king say yes lol so funny!

Rudy responds:

Glad ya liked it :]

Good job!

This is a good flash. And to all of the people who did not like this every flash does not have to be in the top 50 list this is good enough for the front page. When Tom sees this he will like it.

Rudy responds:

:) Thank you! you're right!

Haha, that was great

Everything was funny, specially the, YOU BETTER F***ING SAY YES part... and the honeymoon part, lol. Nice man

Rudy responds:

:) I really liked the you better fucking say yes part as well