Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"

Very Nice

everyone at newgrounds owes a lot to tom.

a little bit strange but hey. it all adds to it.

good job.

Rudy responds:

ahah thank you :]

oh yaaa

You made this cool video in 1 night?! O_O wooot im far from doing that so fast :D (I gave a 10 cause of that lolz)

Rudy responds:

hah thank you

congratulations tom!!!!

yay tom! congratz dude... uhhh hope u have fun on ure honeymune (misspelled i think)

Rudy responds:

:D Honeymoon - That's the correct way :D

Haha, that was great

Everything was funny, specially the, YOU BETTER F***ING SAY YES part... and the honeymoon part, lol. Nice man

Rudy responds:

:) I really liked the you better fucking say yes part as well


the girls voice is sqweeky xD!! and u finished it already :O?