Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"

Awesome! Outstanding! I'm semi-erect?

ROFL you better fucking say yes xD

Great job :)

Rudy responds:

:] hah thanks. :]]] Semi-erect? :O

No climax.

The graphics were decent. Not to good, but not bad. Tom didn't look nothing like himself.

The sound was bad, really bad voice acting.

There was no humor. I guess you tried to be funny in the begining with Wade, and funny at the end about the honeymoon, but it didn't work. Especially the last joke, it was just plain stupid.

There was no climax. Tom and Wade talk, Tom gets married. The end. There is no problem or solution. Just Tom getting married.

Overall: You need to stop paying a lot of attention about graphics, and a lot more on your jokes and story.

Rudy responds:

The style of Tom is my basic character style I've been using for the past month with the beaty little eyes :)

Every animation doesn't have to have a climax you know. I wrote it doesn't make that much sense since it was rushed a bit :/ I didn't really try to be funny I just whipped up the script fast.

It's not that good nor bad.

This was kinda lame, if you know wat i mean.

it really wasnt that terrific, good animations tho. but it really really lacked any humor wat so ever. better luck next time

Rudy responds:


Pretty nice.

The artwork was pretty good, I like the style. But I'd enjoy it more if a few things were different. I thought that the characters were a little static, they should move and gesture a bit as they speak. The music needed to be a bit quieter in parts and the voices more emotive so they'd be easier to hear. Overall it was nice, be great if it was longer. Well done on the frontpage.

Rudy responds:

Thank you. I think it hit Front Page since it's for Tom's wedding and all -- but that's probably really the real reason.

perfect movie for a fulp wedding

graphics were drawn and animated well. nice work with voice acting. Audio sounded very clear. nice work animating the mouths. Great use of some audio portal background music. How bout that honey moon? whooo! haha nice work!

Rudy responds:

Hah thank you :]]] I had little time to even make this so it was a bit rushed. Its not on the lengthy side but oh well. It is what it is. Thank you for your review.