Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"


That pretty much makes this the best flash on newgrounds. Newgrounds wouldn't even exist, if neo geo wasn't created and such. So thus one must submit oneself to the tribute to the creator even if it were a crappy two-second stick figure animation. So 10/10/10/10/10/10/10.

Rudy responds:

I won't say it's the best, nor the worst. Those Duck.Fla files were the worse :D

congratulations tom!!!!

yay tom! congratz dude... uhhh hope u have fun on ure honeymune (misspelled i think)

Rudy responds:

:D Honeymoon - That's the correct way :D


Congratulations to T-Fulp on his wedding, but I think that might be the only reason it got on the front page.

Still some bias blood within you, eh Padawan? Srry it's been like a year since I made a Jedi reference =P

Art wasn't bad, a bit young yeh (and we know Tom is OoOOold), but that's all I can say is congratz on the wedding and the art was decent.

Rudy responds:

Thank you.

....hell, why not?

lol, pretty good, i had heard tom was getting married, and i guess this is tribute(?) or is it just a cheap shot?
either way, a decent animation, better then anything I could do, I liked it, and at first, for a split second, i thought the preist was a medic,
don't ask why, the cross looked like a little medic cross, just something i thought woukd, well, you know, shuold be put out there...
any ways, wrapping it up, good animation, congradulations to making front page and congradulations to Tom fulp on getting married to...i think it was either april, or the date of the wedding was in april, either way...yeah...
So, good flash...i guess...kinda short, the graphics were a little on the immature side, meaning it made them look young, maybe you were going for that on purpose, i don't know...
so anyways, getting back to the topic at hand,
they're evil little fools...

Rudy responds:

hah thank you. I like your review :D Medic though? ahah :D

soo nice

lol funny and violent and sweet at the same time lol

best line "better fucking say yes" lol good job

but do you think new grounds will be hell ?????
we will be invaded bye cc or that duck dude ?? lol

Rudy responds:

Those "Duck.fla" files were so annoying! Ahhhh XD