Reviews for "Tom's Wedding Day!"


^^Good Points^^
For a movie that you just started last night, this really turned out quite good. The graphics are surprisingly good, especially the people you drew. I feel you transferred them into Flash well. Same with the voice overs. I like how you captured Wade anger. Funny movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
A bit short, but for the time you had with this, not bad one bit.

Rudy responds:

Thanks for your review, I'm glad you liked the animation. I like that it had all the same voices because it added humor. I tried pretty hard on this one :) So it all adds up in the end.


best line 5'ved

Rudy responds:

ahaha (: I love that line too :]]

very good

Although the voices were not great the sense that they were all yours was there, which is funny.

I will put a link in from my DS Tom's Wedding to yours, cos yours is fun.
Best Wishes from the Dragons & Spirits,

Rudy responds:

I liked that they were all done by me, it did add humor

and thanks!

Very Nice

everyone at newgrounds owes a lot to tom.

a little bit strange but hey. it all adds to it.

good job.

Rudy responds:

ahah thank you :]

it was ok

It's a nice tribute to Tom's wedding but the sound needs a lot of work since I had to turn the volume up all the way to hear it. There needs to be less spitting in the mic too.

I also thought that it could've been a little longer.

Rudy responds:

I didn't have much time to expand it a bit longer, it is what it is. :]