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Reviews for "A Winters Day Monologue DEMO"


This is great !!! The chours and everythiing is great. If your the singer , wow !! You have one nice voice. And the rest of the band, nice.. Hope to your CD's :P

This is awesome.

Are you ever going to release an album? I'd buy on the premiere day!

Lyrics whoo!:
It's getting harder to believe
I'm making anybody else
See the writings on the walls
But my notebook’s on the shelf
And the pencil marks on paper
Slowly fade away with time
While the memories get blurry
Cause their lost inside your mind
I'm wishing for a dream or two
Before the end of every day
So all the broken pieces mend
And I can put them all away
The little bits and scraps and parts of
The life behind my back
That I keep forgetting more of
But it needs to be like that

Hold me close, I'm falling faster
Tell me this could last forever
Hold me close, I'm falling faster
(Falling faster...)
Hold me close, I'm falling faster
Tell me this could last forever
Hold me close, I'm falling faster...

And now I'm dreaming of the nights
That we both remember well
And I'm sure, I'm oh-so sure
That the way you made me feel
Could be the greatest love I've ever felt
From anybody else
But everybody thinks I'm cool
That I am here just for myself
Because, how could he really love her?
He's in it just for kicks
And that's why we've lasted so long
Even though we are like this
So take the moments that we share
And don't you dare ever forget
That I will always be right here
Without a single sole regret


Very well done

top 3 material for sure!

was on newgrounds radio and heard you............. lovin it :)

Does anyone still have the original version? I really liked the downtempo clean cut that used to be posted.

These guys rocked my freshman year of HS in 2004, I was always jamming this and Fairytale.