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Reviews for "A Winters Day Monologue DEMO"

Best bend on NG? You bet yo a$$!

OMFGWOWBBQCOPTER! Your band has got to be the best on NG! Each song you guys make is a 5/5. Unbe-freakin-leivable! Vocals are top notch, Guitar rocks, god, everything is just amazing! I just can't understand why you aren't huge and rocking up the world yet, cuz you should be! That is some talent you guys have, better than most other bands out there - you have what it takes to just get the competition thoroughly OWNED! Speechless! :O

Hey uhm.....

Hey, you think it would be okay to upload all your songs to a Myspace Artist thing? i dont want you guys to be ticked off because i Did it without Permission So im asking, BTW Love the Music, Very originaL!

omfg this is sweet :p

great song,very nice music,and dude what a voice!!


It's Great, especially the sense of the soft guitar playing that blends with the vocals.

FRKN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG THIS IS TEH COOLNESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 1111!!!!!!!!!!!